Ants/Ameisen behaviours/Verhalten relevant for human beings?

SOURCE: By marking ants with tiny dots of paint, Daniel Charbonneau and his collaborators were able to keep track of what individual ants do over the course of two or more weeks. (Photo: Daniel Charbonneau) Lazy Ants Make Themselves Useful in Unexpected Ways They may look useless, but they’re not: So-called lazy ants serve as new recruits ready to replace the top productive workers when the need arises. Daniel Stolte , University Communications Sept. 11, 2017 Resources for the Media Ants of the species Temnothorax rugulatus live in mountainous areas of the Southwest. Here, workers perform chores inside a nest in the lab. (Photo: Matt Velazquez) Colony of painted workers in an artificial nest (Photo: Matt Velazquez) If the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ants is „industrious,“ you might be in for a surprise. In 2015, biologists at the […]

News about Mars Mission

1 November 2017A mini-rover, tools once used on the Moon and lasers for 3D mapping are in the backpack of the explorers of tomorrow. The terrain will be hazardous and it will be dark in volcanic caves, but this equipment could one day help to scout other planets. The alien-like landscapes of Lanzarote, Spain, are almost surreal but this volcanic island is helping to bring future space missions to reality. This month, an expedition with a dozen of experiments mobilised 50 people and four space agencies during five days in five different locations. This pioneering exercise is Pangaea-X, an extension of ESA’s Pangaea geology training. “We are supplementing the training with the latest technologies in instrumentation, navigation, remote sensing, 3D imaging and geoscience equipment,” says ESA project leader Loredana Bessone. Chain work at the lava tube “Tests in a real environment with so many geological […]